Is C++ a real OOP language??

First of all, my deepest apologies for my absense for almost a month, but then i had my semester exams going on.. i could'nt help it... so i thought i should think of some exciting topic to get back into bussiness... so i think this one will interest you...
Okay, okay, for all those who are scratching their heads thinking about, what the hell is this all about...i won't keep you waiting i go
First let me give you the definition of an OBJECT ORIENTED PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE, any language which is coded invariably in classes is a OOP language..still not clear.. that is the whole source should come under some class or other, yes.. no stray global functions global variables outside classes... yes in OOPs classes rule!! So by the above concept is C++ an OOP?? think again! it is never a OOP, you have atleast one function not controlled by classes.. main()?.. yes , you got it holmes... so it can never be coded in a OOP way, and mostly every expert programmer, even Bjarne Stroustrup( sorry if i got the spelling wrong!!) will have atleast a few non-class functions and variables...

So What is C++ afterall??

Good question!! even i often wondered about this... until somewhere i found the correct definition for C++ , it comes between Object Oriented and Object Based Languages.
That is , it uses objects and classes... but not completely dependent on objects.. remember that you can code a C program and compile it as a C++ file...

Gimme an example of OOP!!

Sure.. Java,C# are the most commonly used OOPs, Java is the most widely used OOP in the world, and for java illiterates out there, each java program is contained in a class with the name of the program... and Visual Basic is an example of another object based language.

Rumour: ANSI is taking efforts to make C++ an OOP!! Smells tasty?? maybe someday we'll have main() put inside some class... but surely not in the near future...

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